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a hand holding a pen over a white paper with writing on it
some type of font that can be used to describe something
Friday Favorites - Iowa Girl Eats
a snowman standing on top of a hill with the words, empty bank account 10 lazy ways to get up to $ 100 this week without getting another job
10 Lazy Ways to Get Up to $2100 This Week
a blue poster with the words,'reasons for leaving a job as a change of career direction '
Acceptable Reasons for Leaving a Job
a pink poster with the words how to land your dream job without starting over it
How to Land Your Dream Job Without Starting Over
a person writing on a notepad with the words thank you note template for the job search
What to write in a thank you note after an interview
an interview question with the words,'i can you describe a typical interview? '
an image of a restaurant receipt for $ 2, 000 per pound each day on the menu Shopping