Mario Herrera

Mario Herrera
R M / Chile / Arquitecto. Trabajando en #Reconstrucción desde el Valle de Colchagua... Peatón por las calles de Peralillo - Pumanque... bla bla bla...
Mario Herrera
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al borde transforms rail cart into cultural knowledge train - designboom | architecture

Al borde transforms rail cart into cultural knowledge train -selected as part of the railway system recovery program by the Ecuadorian ministry of culture and heritage.

benedetto bufalino plays with the perception of a picnic table - designboom | architecture

french artist benedetto bufalino's 'la table de pique nique architecture' is a massive picnic table, whose oversized proportions create an optical illusion.

giant inflatable pile of poo, roast pig and stonehenge sculptures at M  - designboom

"This is a giant inflatable pile of poo" [Seriously? Just because one loves the Giant Inflatable Colon.

solar-powered flat pack refugee shelters by IKEA - designboom

IKEA Unveils Solar-Powered Flat Pack Shelters for Easily Deployable Emergency Housing IKEA Refugee Shelter – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

musical swings by daily tous les jours - empathiCITY exhibition ///

21 Balançoires (Daily Tous les Jours) is a giant collective instrument, a game where together we achieve better things than separately.