Marti Bull Svensson

Marti Bull Svensson

Marti Bull Svensson
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Bts v

Skool Luv Affair - V Norwood Ortiz I didn't know you considered him a bias. I suppose, since I have no choice, I can deal with sharing.

He does take it to another level! XD Ohh my god. That's why you are my bias. V you're just perfect don't change, my love ❤

2 pics of the same person taken 2 seconds apart. Why is my favorite so strange all the time? He is supposed to be the bands visual. <<< That's why we love him

#OhSehun #EXO

"when sehun had to hold that beats pill speaker for bgm purposes when his hyungs played rugby on their way to music bank 😂😂😂" Cr. To the owner, taken from