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a house number sign on the side of a building with a potted plant in it
Temu|1pc 5" Stainless Steel Floating House Number, Metal Modern House Numbers, Garden Door Mailbox Decor Number With Nail Kit, Coated Black, 911 Visibility Signage
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a wooden cabinet sitting on top of a cement floor next to a brick wall in front of a stone wall
Wooden Sideboards | Reclaimed Wood & Oak Furniture | Modish Living
a piece of wood that has been placed on top of a wall with a drawer in it
Thoughts on Live Edge..
the reflection of trees and grass in mirrors on a wooden deck outside a house with wood flooring
a towel hanging from a hook on a wall next to a piece of wood with an old metal handle
How to Make Hooks From Vintage Rakes
an old pair of scissors is hanging on the wall next to a towel rack and coat hanger
Farm Tool Handle Hooks