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Life Advice by FairyGirl413.deviantart.com on @deviantART

see homestuck can teach us something!==> This will never end and if say it will are sad and rethink what with life then talk me when your ready learn my ways day sir==> I Do Agree With That Statement. I Love This Fandom, We Are Amazing


Kurloz x meulin sadstuck. Cause she went deaf, he sewed his mouth. Now there is only silence. ==> I know I've pinned this before but it's sooooo good!

I think it's kinda sad that we can all read this without hesitation

Designer: N/A Found in: Homestuck Strife I found this while looking for a different typeface that I like, but this is an interesting piece of poetry that uses symbols from a story to replace words. Typeface: Courier New