8 razones por las que Rapa Nui es le mejor destino.

8 razones por qué Isla de Pascua es el mejor destino del mundo

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Rapa Nui

Promocionan Isla de Pascua en distintos puntos de París

Rapa Nui: Easter Island’s polynesian language celebrate its day - Chile Travel

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Dance Paddle (Rapa)

Dance paddle (Rapa Nui people, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Rongo Rongo - Deniart Systems Easter Island Rapanui Fonts

The Deniart RongoRongo series features 292 unique symbols based on the inscriptions found on ancient tablets from Easter Island.

DSC_0212.jpg (1071×1600)

DSC_0212.jpg (1071×1600)

In Rapa Nui

In Rapa Nui

The Tapati Rapa Nui Festival : Takona: a body painting competition, using the technique of mixing natural pigments. Each team must also explain the meaning behind their paintings.

Tapati Rapa Nui

Tapati Rapa Nui 2008 - rapa__nuii

Tapati Rapa Nui