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A Sweet Fruit Yacht - You are viewing Photo titled Delicious Food Art – A Sweet Yacht Made Of Fruits from the Category Amazing Pictures Tags: Designs & Artistic Food Arts

Funny pictures about How to make a heart shaped egg. Oh, and cool pics about How to make a heart shaped egg. Also, How to make a heart shaped egg photos.

I think this looks like they squished out bread slices flat with a rolling pin or something, then crafted them into roses and leaves, and toasted them! I want to try making bread roses to top my next pie or casserole!

Dolphin bananas

Banana Dolphins for class snack. Bowl of red grapes with banana dolphin.

Creative Funny Dessert Recipe – Fruit Hedgehog made from Pear and Grapes

Use a potato peeler to strip the peel off the lemon from top to bottom. Then slice the lemon horizontally and BOOM ? you have perfect little lemon flowers.

Hard Boiled Egg (Chickens) Start out by slicing your carrot slice as seen in the photo. Make as many as you have eggs. Slice off a bit of the bottom of each egg so it will stand upright.

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