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Casino Viña del Mar Chile I visited with my father and his friend I will never forget that

Renaca, Viña del Mar, Chile

Love this beautiful beach town right by the Pacific Ocean.

Viña del Mar, Chile

I really want to go to Vina Del Mar, Chile. I hope my special Chilean guide won't mind taking me there one day .

Viña del Mar - Chile

Viña del Mar - Chile actually, i've been in that apartments for vacay

Patio Bellavista, Santiago de Chile - a permanent craft market of arts, wool goods, jewelry and woodwork, centered around a cobblestone patio in Bellavista.  Read more:

Patio Bellavista. Música y gastronomía a partir del 16 de diciembre. RM.Chile.

Patio Bellavista, Santiago de Chile---have had too much fun here.