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two pieces of fabric sitting on top of each other
How to Sew Barbie Cardigan Pattern / +Free Printable Pattern
the sewing process shows how to sew an origami bow
Doll Simple A Line Coat
an orange coat with a plaid pocket on the collar is laying on top of a brown surface
Quick & Easy Sewing Project - Cosy Blog
a doll wearing a red ponchy with a hood on it's head
Hooded Cape/Poncho for Barbie -Free Pattern, Tutorial, No Sew Option
a piece of cloth with white stitching on it
10-minute Barbie dress tutorial (+free PDF pattern)
a doll standing in front of a dresser and mirror
Sew a flannel bathrobe with pockets for Barbie (free patterns at #DollClothes #FreePatterns #DIYchristmas - Free Doll Clothes Patterns
the doll is wearing a white robe with red spots on it and has her hands in her pockets
Time to make Christmas Pajamas and a bathrobe for Barbie w/free patterns @ #DollClothesPatterns #ChristmasEve #NewPajamas! - Free Doll Clothes Patterns
two pairs of socks are laying next to each other on a piece of white paper
DIY: Doll Sock Cardigan