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24-08-2011. How to draw Basic Clothing- Tshirt, Jeans, skirt,jacket, tuxedo, clothes fold by

How to draw Basic Clothing Tshirt, Jeans, skirt jacket, tuxedo, clothes fold by…

Japanese and Chilean Architects Collaborate to Design Houses for the Ochoalcubo Project,Akihisa Hirata's proposal. Image Courtesy of Ochoalcubo

a f a s i a: Akihisa Hirata

12219592_10153722630275747_1893768409458385112_n.jpg (720×960)

12219592_10153722630275747_1893768409458385112_n.jpg (720×960)

Despiece de modelos

Wiebengahal Maastricht, the Netherlands Bierman Henket…

I like how depending on the slope the direction of the material changes : Citation : ANDREW CHARD. (n.d.). Retrieved February 12, 2017, from

The switch from horizontal layers to vertical layers gives great texture and material efficiency.

study-models-006.jpg (4288×2848)

study-models-006.jpg (4288×2848)


How to draw people with pen for perspective drawings

Future Boyfriend, Justin Bieber, Men Photography, Irezumi, Biceps, Fangirl, Preppy, Storms, Purpose, Handsome Men, Tattoos Arrows, Moda Fitness, Men, Heat

Not a tree house, but still love how all the levels 'branch' off.

Awesome, but talk about a circulation fail. A Visionary Office Space proposed for One Canada Square in London by Esjieun Architecture.