There is so much to do in #santiago #chile. Here are my top 16 activities to do in the city.

16 Things to do in Santiago Chile

Terrazo Neptuno at Cerro Santa Lucía, Santiago, Chile - the city of Santiago was founded on February 12th, 1541 - In 1872, Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna decided to make the hill on which this building is located a new attraction - a little over 100 years later (1983) Cerro Santa Lucia was declared a national monument.

The Terrazo Neptuno water fountain at Cerro Santa Lucía, Santiago, Chile. This park and fountain attract of visits daily.

places to visit.

Wouldn't it be cool to live here (Stilt Houses in Chiloe, Chile) for just like a year?

Santiago, Chile

Fui a la Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago. It was built in 1747 and is a beautiful place built for God.

chiloe island | Eat Curanto on The Island of Chiloe - 8 Brilliant Things to Do in ...

Lugar para comer un buen curanto .On the way to Patagonia I would like to make a stop on Chiloe Island

Wulff castle, Viña del Mar, Chile

Castillo Wulff, Viña del Mar, Chile--my castle on the ocean, if i am going to dream, this would be IT for me;

The Funicular, Cerro San Cristobal, Santiago Chile

Thing to do - The Funicular, Cerro San Cristobal, Santiago Chile

la serena chile

1970 Cerro Tololo, in Chile, South America, a - National Optical Astronomy Observatory. A 'sister' telescope to one at Kit Peak, AZ.

Parque Nacional Radal Siete Tazas, es un área natural protegida ubicada en la Región del Maule (Chile), 100 km al noreste de Talca y 55 km al noreste de Molina. Fue creada en 1981 como "Área de Protección turística", y el 14 de octubre de 2008 fue declarada Parque Nacional. Es administrada por CONAF, y está abierto todo el año, sin embargo la principal época de visita es el período estival, entre los meses de diciembre a marzo.

7 Teacups, Chile - Siete tazas, Región del Maule, CHILE - i really wanna go here. its 7 waterfalls that fall into eachother

Iglesia de San Francisco by Charles Brooks, via 500px. Castro Chiloe.

San Francisco Church by Charles Brooks, via - Castro, Chiloe Island, Chile

Merkén, hot chilean Mapuche spice made from dried and smoke peppers!

I love this hot chilean Mapuche spice made from dried and smoke peppers! I wish I knew where to get my hands on some here in the states. Volviendo a lo natural.