Gold Mention: STANZA Members: Sante Simone, Laura Fabriani, Alessandro Zappaterreni, Nunziastella Dileo, Maria Abbracciavento, Giuseppe Lorenzi

YAC is a association whose aim is to promote architectural competitions amongst young designers – no matter if graduates or students.

Spanish architectural magazine future arquitecturas recently announced the winners of its SC2012 Links: Bridging ...

Winners of the SC2012 Links: Bridging Rivers Competition

Interface of park and city Seoul © West 8 urban design & landscape architecture

Yongsan Park Master Plan by West 8 & IROJE

Rotterdam-based landscape architects West 8 together with local practice IROJE architects & partners have recently won the international competition for the master p.

We have received another entry for the city center redevelopment competition in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands: the proposal "RE-CONN...

Klaksvík City Center Entry by Group8

Urban plan by Group 8 architects for their competition entry for the Klaksvik City Centre competition.