Bach Flower: White Chestnut

Bach Flower Cards [White Chestnut] - Negative White Chestnut state can occur…

Bach Flower: Larch

Bach Flower: Larch - “Dance as if no one were watching…”

Bach Flower: Water Violet

Bach Flower Cards [Water Violet] - Water Violet personalities present an image…

Bach Flower: Hornbeam

Bach Flower Cards [Hornbeam] - This Bach Flower Remedy is an effective treatment…

Bach Flower: Impatiens

Bach Flower Cards [Impatiens] - Impatiens personality is quick-thinking and…

Bach Flower: Star of Bethlehem

Bach Flower: Star of Bethlehem - “Find your soul comfort”

Bach Flower: Honeysuckle

Bach Flower Cards [Honeysuckle] - Honeysuckle is the Bach Flower Remedy that…

Bach Flower: Wild Oat

Wild Oat is a flower essence that helps you to bring you back to your natural balance. Learn more about this Flower Essence.