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Take a look at these Pearl Harbor Propaganda Posters. It will show you the way Americans were motivated after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor, Pinup, Ww2 Propaganda Posters, Political Posters, Joining The Navy, Old Ads, Military History, Military Art, Military Recruiting

Avenge Pearl Harbor!

Avenge Pearl Harbor! Join the Navy Now! A recruiting poster for the United States Navy during WWII. Vintage WWII Navy recruiting poster, circa 1942.

Children being evacuated out of London during the outbreak of World War II, My father in law, Fred Olney was evacuated two or three times during WWII, he lived in east London Penguin Books, World History, World War Ii, History Magazine, Old London, East London, Interesting History, Before Us, British History

Children being evacuated from London - September 1939 - my Dad was one of the luckier ones he was evacuated from Southampton to stay with his grandparents in Somerset

Actual World War 2 propaganda (original art) created by the government to encourage all Americans to support the war effort by doing everything they can to help Ww2 Posters, Political Posters, Poster Ads, All Poster, Political Science, Vintage Prints, Vintage Posters, Vintage Items, Ww2 Propaganda

Man Cave Ideas

Actual World War 2 propaganda (original art) created by the government to encourage all Americans to support the war effort by doing everything they can to help, whether at home or abroad. FREE Shipping!!! (No additional costs) 30 x 20 (inches) paper reproduction of vintage print Shipped rolled up Weight 1 lb Length

Child wearing a 'Mickey Mouse' gas-mask during the Second World War., Ministry of Information official photographer Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Arte Horror, Kids Wear, World War Ii, Wwii, Gas Masks, Mickey Mouse, Two By Two


The Second World War: The child's ('Mickey Mouse') respirator with red rubber face pieces and bright eye-piece rims.

Kids sorting bits of shrapnel in a South London street. Sorting bits of shrapnel, anti-aircraft shell fragments, which they contribute to the National War effort September 1940 Vintage London, Old London, South London, London History, British History, Old Pictures, Old Photos, The Blitz, Battle Of Britain

Bundesarchive Photos 1933 - 1945..+ all fields of WWII - Page 435

Global historica and militaria collectors forum 20th century military history ww1 to coldwar

Feygalee Reiter was only 4 years when she was sadly shot at Wolyn, Poland on August Holocaust Memorial, Never Again, August 27, Albert Camus, Lest We Forget, Anne Frank, Second World, Persecution, History

Feygalee Reiter

Feygalee Reiter and other photos of Feygalee Reiter and the reiter family. Put faces to the names of your loved ones at AncientFaces.

Stephanie Bujakowsky - - Find A Grave Memorial . with a teddy bear Company Of Heroes, Captain Corellis Mandolin, France City, Vintage Photos, Old Photos, Jewish History, Losing A Child, Grave Memorials, Childhood

Stephanie Bujakowsky (1937-1942) - Find A Grave...

Born in 1937 and died in 1942 Paris, Île-de-France Stephanie Bujakowsky

Henriette Lena Blok was sadly murdered in Sobibor Death Camp on May 1943 at age 7 Holocaust Memorial, Holocaust Children, Child Face, Lest We Forget, Yesterday And Today, My People, Beautiful Soul, Museum, History

Henrietta Lena Blok (1935-1943) - Find A Grave...

7 year old Henrietta, both her brothers and both her parents were murdered in the Holocaust.

Gittel Chill - Find A Grave Memorial Innocent Child, Lest We Forget, Grave Memorials, Yesterday And Today, Find A Grave, Special Characters, My People, Historical Photos, Kids

Gittel Chill (1939-1943) - Find A Grave Memorial

4 year old Gittel (also known as Little girl in red coat from Schindler's list) as this was not a fictional character. As soon as the Jews from the ghetto were liquadated and rounded into the trains, Gittel was hiding from the Nazis. The Nazi Germans would check inside every house in the ghetto to see if people were...

The Second World War: Nurse fitting a baby with its respirator (note the bellows arrangement). (she is wearing a childrens micky mouse gas mask, she must have had a small head) History Of Nursing, Medical History, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Bear Costume, Vintage Nurse, World History, World War Two, Wwii

A nurse fitting a baby with its anti-gas respirator during the Second World War., Ministry of Information official photographer

A nurse fitting a baby with its anti-gas respirator during the Second World War. by Ministry of Information official photographer. Museum quality art prints with a selection of frame and size options, canvases, and postcards. Imperial War Museums

Hedwig Zander (*Amsterdam, February Hedwig was murdered in Sobibór on July She reached the age of 12 years. Hedwig, The Lost World, World War Two, Holocaust Children, Family Relations, Never Again, Young Life, Losing A Child, Children

Hedwig Zander

Hedwig Zander (*Amsterdam, February 11, 1931). Hedwig was murdered in Sobibór on July 2, 1943. She reached the age of 12 years.

You Can Protect Yourself From Radioactive Fallout Poster Vintage Advertisements, Vintage Ads, Vintage Posters, Advertising Ads, Vintage Stuff, Cold War Propaganda, Fallout Posters, Fallout Facts, Fallout 3

For Your Consideration - CARTOONS

CARTOON/DRAWING #1 1.) Who do these two people represent? 2.) What feelings does this cartoon evoke? 3). What similarities do you see be...

II world war children protections/ protezioni per bambini - II guerra mondiale Gas Mask Art, Masks Art, Gas Masks, World History, World War Ii, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Photos, Rare Photos, Donia

Maudelynn's Menagerie

"for me, they will always be glorious birds." Maudelynn.Etsy.Com

Samuel Frank (* Den Haag, 28 December 1938 - Sobibor, 28 May Samuel was murdered at the age of 4 years. First Color Photograph, 28 December, Innocent Child, Forced Labor, Never Again, Young Life, Losing A Child, Child Face, Childhood

Samuel Frank

Samuel Frank, * 28.12.1938 Den Haag Murdered in Sobibor on 28.05.1943