Pucón is a small town in central Chile’s Lake District on the footsteps of Andes mountain range. It lies on the Lake Villarrica overlooked by the snow-capped Villarrica volcano. A very popul…

The Laja Falls (Spanish: Salto del Laja) located in the Laja River in southcentral Chile.

Waterfall – Amazing Creation of Nature Salto del Laja Falls is located in the Laja River in Chile. ♥ Wasserfall - erstaunliche Schöpfung der Natur Salto del Laja Falls liegt in dem Laja Fluss in Chile.

The charming, little-known island of Chiloe, Chile.

Destinations to watch in 2013

hidden islands -Chiloe, Chile, Chilean archipelago of Chiloe, near Puerto Montt at northern edge of Patagonia, beckons with misty landscapes & ancient lore.