Elizabeth Zimmermann no tiene el paso a paso, pero me gustó intentaré hacerlo

Baby surprise jacket, by Elizabeth Zimmermann - could try to make up a way of doing this myself. Looks to be a nice, simple knitted jacket.


I would remove the trim from the sides for a cleaner look, but leave the trim for the sleeves.

Una chaqueta muy colorida...

juliaZahle's Baby Surprise Jacket -- Kauni Effecktgarn is so scratchy, but the colors are wonderful. What's a soft but slow-striping alternative?

Add a hood to baby surprise jacket

The pattern for the jacket is published in many places, fx The Opinionated Knitter. At the link is free pattern for the hood.

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Phazelia's mitered baby jacket pattern by Phazelia

Phazelia's mitered baby jacket pattern by Phazelia

A baby jacket in garter stitch. For Size S months) 100 grams/ yards of sock yarn will be enough. For Size M months) you will need grams.