para usar los bastidores con tecnica de tapiz

I am really loving the craft of weaving right now, what a clever way to use your embroidery Hoop.Weaving in an embroidery hoop Yeah ik heb nog wat ringen en een vierkant liggen, joepie weven dus!

Telar Maria o de peine

Pinner: I wove this pattern on an 8 harness loom. I can't imagine doing it on a rigid heddle loom.

"mar de piedra"..maravilloso paisaje en tonos neutros y grises, con piedra pómez del Caulle cadena volcánica, y los hilos muy gruesos.♥ de Marianne Werkmeister

Marianne Werkmeister (detail) (The beading part of this would look great on a felting project or something else I make)

To encircle the active weft, pull both it andthe inactive weft out. The, loop the active weft around theinactive weft Whether you go over or under theactive loop of weft depends on whichside of your selvedge you're on. Let's talk color changes. I’ve made it to the color-and-weave section of The Weaver’s Idea Book but…

Let's talk color

From Weaving Today: changing weft colors when weaving on a rigid heddle loom.

Puntos de telar de árbol

You can use a pencil, wooden dowel, or chop stick. Wave away with the yarn that's placed on top of a warp thread. Always plain weave after to lock loops in.