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Secure High Back Carry

Secure High Back Carry - Wrapping Rachel This has a built-in chest belt half-knot at the first step. The second pass goes over one leg and under the other, and the third pass can either do the opposite of or just go over the back of the baby.

Babywearing Educators

Babywearing International chapters are run by accredited volunteer babywearing educators who provide instruction at meetings and support within their local communities. All accredited babywe…

Second Babywearing Ballet Class 4 (Wrapping Twins)

Ok this is super cute, but I really just want to give this mama a break for an hour to take her class! Second Babywearing Ballet Class 4 (Wrapping Twins)

First Babywearing Ballet Class 2

Gorgeous photos of moms doing babywearing ballet with EllaRoo wraps, light woven wraps perfect for fitness, yoga and active families!