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The Cat's Eye Nebula

Cat's Eye Nebula / 'Cosmos' is a Greek word for the order of the universe. In a way, it's the opposite of 'Chaos.' It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together.

NASA  4) Butterfly Nebula (NGC 6302) Located in the constellation Scorpius, the…

NASA Butterfly Nebula (NGC Located in the constellation Scorpius, the structure of this nebula is one of the most fragile and complex that has ever been studied. The butterfly shape has lead scientists to name it's structure a "bipolar structure.

Rho Ophiuchus Nebula Complex  This amazing complex of nebulosity revealed on…

Rho Ophiuchus Nebula Complex It contains dark nebulae where lanes of obscuring dust hide background stars, blue reflection nebulae where the dust is illuminated by nearby stars and red emission nebulae where the hot hydrogen gas itself is glowing.