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Maria Ignacia Larrain

Maria Ignacia Larrain
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Nicholson Residence by Matt Gibson A+D

Nicholson Residence is a renovation project conducted by Australian architect Matt Gibson and located in Melbourne, Australia. According to the architects, “the newer works provide a more generous engagement with the exterior and garden foliage via exte

Country Estate by Roger Ferris + Partners

Architecture aficionados in Connecticut know about Philip Johnson’s glass house and related buildings in New Canaan, built in But there’s another house in New Canaan designed by Johnson, known as the Wiley Residence, built in It was.

This beautiful contemporary home features plenty of floor to ceiling windows allowing for incredible views of the woodsy scenery surrounding the property on all sides. The home is owned by John Hoke who happens to be a director of footwear design at Nike, which would explain the attention to design oriented details on this wondrous property.

Hoke House - The main vampire family in the ‘Twilight’ series, the Cullens, don’t lurk in the dark recesses of a run-down Victorian like you might expect.

love these as movable window screening and a artistic statement!

Built by F:L Architetti in Turin, Italy with date Images by Daniele Domenicali. Set in the hills just outside Turin in northwest italy, this family home is han exercise in combining elegance with r.