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It's almost too late for a walk; But I pull my jacket close around me; the mist on my face is too divine. It might be dark then if I go much farther.


The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him(ﷺ) said, "It is also charity to utter a good word.

Reminds me of the logging roads we have here in the Pacific Northwest. We love to travel them on the Ural Motorcycle.

depth of mist wood - HW Wang AND Idea of how The Mists might look in the underworld of the planet Octa

stories-that-never-die: “ Faerie path🐾🌸🍀🌺🌿🌹🌲🌷🌳🌼🌱 ”

Foggy Forest, Basque Country, Spain I feel like this is me, in nature.

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