Pebre---The Chilean condiment everyone should know about. La Fuji Mama

Pebre-The Chilean condiment everyone should know about

Pebre (Chilean Chili Salsa) Makes approximately 3 cups *Notes: This is the way Ms. M's grandmother taught her to make pebre. M is from Santiago, so her pebre may look very different from a peb.


cazuela, un caldo con zapallo, choclo, papas, una fritanga rica y con carne o con pollo.

Chilean Salad Reicpe with Tomato, Onion and Coriander Leaves in a Simple Dressing. Full of flavor and it Takes Only Five Minutes to Prepare!

Chilean Salad: tomato, onion & coriander leaves in a simple dressing. Full of flavor & takes only 5 minutes to prepare!

Pan Amasado! There is just something wonderfully tasty about Chilean bread (it probably has something to do with the high fat content), I love this stuff!!!

Chilean pan amasado is a kneaded bread loved throughout Chile. Here's how to make pan amasado and enjoy this delicious bread.

Pan de Pascua (receta chilena) / Chilean Christmas cake | En mi cocina hoy

Chilean fruitcake with a secret ingredient: dulce de leche. Recipe in Spanish and English

Pollo Arvejado Chilean Food I love this Chicken Dish.

Lemon Chicken With Garlic and Wine

Traditional Chilean Pollo Arvejado in White Wine: Pollo Arvejado - Stewed Chicken with Peas


PAILA MARINA Paila marina is a traditional Chilean seafood stew usually served in a paila (earthenware bowl). Paila marina is usually a .

Pantrucas! It's a Chilean soup.

Cuisine with Chilean flavor: Pancutras (Pantrucas) - Chilean Soup with dumplings