How to make a body and head

pipe cleaner dolls - for an elf use a whole length of pipe cleaner for legs and body, not one folded in two.

Navidad, Reyes Magos, familia de pastores, dos ovejas, Ángel, hada-Waldorf inspirado cuna de lana

Natività Re Magi Famiglia Pastori due pecore angelo

figuras en fieltro con aguja - Google Search

figuras en fieltro con aguja - Google Search

Forest Wool Fairy doll, Autumn Home Decor, soft sculpture Waldorf inspired

Autumn Fairy, acorn bag, Seasonal table, Home Decor, Waldorf needle felted

Natividad escena Waldorf inspiradora aguja fieltro por MagicWool

Nativity Scene Waldorf inspired needle felted Christmas dolls:The Wise men