JUNGIAN ARCHETYPES/ORIGIN: Jung said archetypes come from the collective unconscious, one of three parts to the psyche. EXPLANATION: Jungian archetypes represent the different aspects of a person's being. EXAMPLE: Firefighters often make use of their hero archetype by marching straight into fires to save lives.

What Are Jung's 4 Major Archetypes?

An archetype is a recurring symbol in art or literature that represents an idealized example of a person or thing. Archetypes can range from Biblical figures such as Jesus or Moses to entertainment.

traditional Mapuche dwelling place // missionmauche.org #mapuche #chile

A glimpse into the origins of where VOZ textiles are created (photo by Pilar Castro)

Comunas de Santiago

Santiago, Chile and map of surrounding communities / Communes of Santiago province--San Bernardo is dark green (where my first area was located) and La Cisterna is light green (where I served in my area, close to Gran Avenida)

Young Mapuche - of Argentina and Chile

Campaña por los Derechos de la niñez mapuche

The Music of our Aboriginals..

The Mapuche people, a group of native people from areas in South America. They were known to be fearsome warriors by the Incas who when trying to invade Mapuchian and were defeated.

Cerro Castillo - Patagonia, Chile - Trekking Map

Cerro Castillo: El trekking que desafía a las Torres del Paine

Map of The Andes of Chile, Bolivia and Peru

Map of The Andes of Chile, Bolivia and Peru