Bridges of madison county !

Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood (Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson) in Bridges of Madison County

Wicker loving park !!

"Passion never dies." Scenes from the movie WICKER PARK including the "Airport Lost and Found Scene.

Leap year ❤

Matthew Goode Proposes to (Not Make Plans with) Amy Adams in "Leap Year"

Beautiful !

Beautiful !

Long way from devil wears prada merryl !! I love u !

Long way from devil wears prada merryl !


James Spader in Pretty in Pink. Loved this movie. James is a cool actor. Such a snoot in this movie though.

Pretty in pink ❤

Pretty in pink ❤

I just luv this part !

The scientist song really goes well with the scene.

Makes me cry all the time...

Life is Beautiful I prefer this film over Titanic anytime. A commercial success, it was actored by its own director and co-writer - Roberto Benigni. A story of love of a father to his family during their capture in a Nazi concentration camp.