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(Brooke) Hellooo Silver :P (Silver) H-hai (Brooke) :D Pokemanz? (Silver) O-okay, s-su-sure (BEN) :glare: (Brooke) :grabs BEN's wrist: C'mon :DD (BEN) :D :growls at Silver:

Awwwww~ I just play Splendy in a RPG aaand a second person Offendy and THIS makes me so happy because, they always have fights or something but they also love each other aaand yeah.I like Splendy and Offendy ^^

J-jeff u do Jeff: Yes i-i do luv u alot actually Me: *hugs him* I luv u to Jeffy Ej: Grr Me: Ruined the moment jackie Jeff: Ya man

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