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Lion babe - ColorRoar!

Lion babe - ColorRoar!

I wanted to come up with something that was colorful, with key elements that played with each other in one particular flow. done using : Adobe CS6, mouse. Close up crops can be viewed here : htt...

Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein by Neville Dsouza

Watching the trailer .. the eye scene in particular got me hooked! So using that as a reference alongside many others...this is what i came up with. Done using Photoshop CC, mouse, lots of brush wo...

You have to get lost before you find yourself | Paper Towns

You have to get lost before you find yourself | Paper Towns

I chose a surreal look and feel ... I leave it for all of you to decipher.Would love to know what you think.Done using photoshop CS6, mouse.original size : 2048 x 3081 pxI wish you all the very bes...

Body Graphics for Maruti Suzuki Swift

Body Graphics for Maruti Suzuki Swift by Neville Dsouza

Working on this entry was a lot of fun. The main symbol used was clearly inspired by the "Swift" ; I played around with size and length of the symbol design, followed by a few tweaks as well. Color...



Listening to their tracks and going through the moodboard helped a great deal in capturing a soft, misty feel for this cover. I wanted to show that, most importantly, their lyrics are an absolute r...

Feel Gold

Feel Gold

hey guys :) .. this is my offering for Jessica jarrell's GOLDBLOODED project. I wanted to come up with something that had a strong feel to it. Which is why i chose black and gold ; both compliment ...

Mask design for Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo

Mask design for Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo

Had a lot of fun working on this entry! although ... this was clearly something really new for me. Lot of hiccups in between ... but once the design and key colors kicked in (Black and red being my...


Spitballin' by Neville Dsouza

Had a lot of fun painting this cover! I wish you all the best! Cheers people!

Fargo | old postcard art

Fargo | old postcard art by Neville Dsouza

I decided to go for an old, worn out feel .. played out with some of the key elements from the Fargo universe. I Thank you for viewing. Cheers and good luck everyone! #VisitFargo

Fargo postcard art

The black rose

The black rose

My design for Lena's dress... The Key element is the black rose; a parting gift for Kaya. The rose signifies farewell and sadness (the passing away of Kaya) and the pure devotion of their friendship.



I went for a chic hot pink and aqua; stencil cutout style. The logo can stand on it's own with flat colors. ( i didn't want to overdo the effects ) plus it's easily recognizable even at 20x20 pixel...


LG watch URBANE by Neville Dsouza

Hello everyone =)After closely watching the ad.. This is what i came up with. Done using photoshop CS6 and mouse. I chose to create the watch from scratch based on reference images and also analyzi...

Please vote for my entry - Foxblade


Red, black, gray and white ; these colors have captured my attention for a very long time now.But still, red has always been my most favorite, in fact more of an addictive color .. which is why its...