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Thor's Hammer by on @deviantART

Tattoo The Mjolnir ("The Thor's Hammer") is the legendary weapon of the Norse thunder god,.Its stylized form is an ancient symbol of strenght, often worn as a tattoo or amulet of protection.

YGGDRASIL, in norse mythology, is the tree which connects the 9 worlds (planets in our solar system). On it's roots gnaws the dragon Níðhöggr, representing the flow of time, and the aging of all things. In it's branches lives an eagle who exchanges insults with the dragon. During the time Níðhöggr response to these, the Norns (3 goddesses of fate) heal some of the damage, by watering the roots with the water from the well of Urd, the source of time.

Water damage can be caused in places you aren't aware of. Thus it is important to find out the invisible causes of water damage.

Heathen Tattoo by ~painsplayground on deviantART

Got these two ravens from a submission on deviant. Credit: Huginn and Muninn I just added some rune text in. Hugin and Munin Tattoo Sketch