I'm going to regret pinning this when the ugly thing is hanging in the house, but for some reason Jeff loves these

DIY Woven Wall Hanging

DIY Weaving Tutorial - make your own textile art using a makeshift loom made from an old photo frame (or weave placemats!

⁀°♡ ❥ weaving

Woven Art - rather than the typical straight lines stripes, have kids come up with a new weaving process. Maybe teach them traditional weaving first, them have them experiment?

Twisted Trees Matty Smith

Twisted Trees - three layered tapestry featuring twisted warps and looped weaving on the top layer, hand-painted warps in the middle layer and a full tapestry woven backdrop.

Use beads, ribbon or anything to attach the blocks together without sewing them together. Great idea for a top!

Sewing Inspiration: Angel Top by Kayla Kennington - this basic pattern will also be great for using knitted or crochet squares and rectangles.