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Paola Italiani
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Remember when your stereo came in a beautiful wooden console cabinet? German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen, of The Hansen Family, has designed a two-piece collection for Tivoli Audio that brings the furniture back to your sound system.

Very wild furniture piece by Gesa Hansen. The Tivoli Remix Sideboard incorporates the Tivoli Radio Combo System; Hansen created it for the audio brand. The two drawers are designed to hold additional pieces of audio-visual equipment.

Johanna Dehio

The “Hockerbank” meaning stool-bench designed by Johanna Dehio was inspired by makeshift seating. This series consists of several stools that are supplemented by a plank with round cut outs and round tables which can also be transformed into a long table.

Armands Grūbe; 'Equus' Table, 2010s.

Collection EQUUS is a minimalist furniture collection designed by Latvia-based designer Armands Grūbe. The designer's ideology toward furniture production revolves around sustainability, functionality, and transformability.

How awesome is that long shot of a studio desk? Thin slices of Mac computers, handwritten notes, strange snacks and Pantone guides – it& design studio heaven. Oneighty Creative, a design studio in the UK, directed a series of shots in the ho .