"Sopaipilla" is a famous chilean food and one of my favorite food, first because it's easy to cook and also because it's very tasty. Sometimes "sopaipillas" taste a little bland but you can mix them with pebre.

mote con huesillo

A Chilean drink. Mote con Huesillo - cooked dried peaches and stewed corn served as a drink.

Alfajor - a Chilean cookie staple. Going to make these for the Olympic party on Friday!

Dulce de Leche Cookie Sandwiches (Alfajor)

Chile- Empanadas de Pino-In Chile, the most traditional empanada filling is called "pino". Pino is a seasoned mixture of ground beef, onions, raisins, black olives, and hard boiled eggs. The empananda dough is quick and easy to make, and can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator. The pino tastes best if made the day before and allowed to rest overnight before filling the empanandas.

Chilean-Style Empanadas de Pino

Give those everyday hot-dogs a twist with this avocado version, inspired by the original Chilean Completo.

~chilean-avo dog ~ popular way to eat hot dogs in chile that is gaining favor in america ~

Chilean quinoa salad includes shrimp and vegetables mixed with the ancient and now-trendy grain.

Article a disservice to community

Usher in summer with a quinoa salad filled with vegetables and shrimp and topped with a citrus-and-olive-oil dressing. Quinoa, an ancient grain from the Andean Mountains, has become very popular

The Barcelona story...and others: Sopaipillas: Chilean for delicious!

The Barcelona story.and others: Sopaipillas: Chilean for delicious!