Santiago de Chile

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Los mejores paisajes naturales del mundo (Parte 1)

Los mejores paisajes naturales del mundo (Parte 1)

Guanacos in Patagonia, Chile; a herd of wild Guanacos feeding on grasses. Above them the tallest mountain in Torres del Paine National Park - Paine Grande.

Desierto de Atacama florecido- Chile

Learn about some of the coolest places on earth, including The Valley of Flowers National Park in West Himalaya, India!

Flowering Desert of Atacama. This natural phenomenon occurs in the Atacama Desert between September and November in the years when some rain has fallen. It consists in the blooming of a large number and variety of flowers. The event runs at its peak from the south of the city of Vallenar, to the north of the city of Copiapó, both in coastal areas and in the mountain range.

Climatic phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, which consists in the appearance of a wide variety of flowers.

10 Paisajes de la Patagonia Que Son de Pelicula |Entra! - Taringa!

10 Paisajes de la Patagonia que Cuesta Creer que Existen

Es muy difícil brindar una lista limitada sobre los lugares que podemos visitar en Chile. Debido a que, este país cuenta con una amplia gama de flora y fauna

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