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Chart: This Is What You Eat in a Year (Including 42 Pounds of Corn Syrup)

In total, the “average” American* consumes a whopping calories each day. Each year, the average American eats about pounds of food including: pounds of fats and oils.

Good Fats VS Bad Fats

bad fat vs good fat-for great motivation, health and fitness tips, check us out. - I don't entirely agree that all sat fats are bad for you

A REAL breakdown of ways to lose weight. Easy to understand, scientifically informative, and, finally, common sense info!

Welcome to the session of Effective Weight loss tips for women. Learn some fastest and easiest weight loss exercise tips for women. Please don’t forget to share with your friends because sharing is caringn fat loss diet the doctor

Rodale: How Soda Destroys Your Body (INFOGRAPHIC) Diet or not, soda does some really gross things to your body!

19 Resolutions That Are SO Much Better Than Going On A Diet

Rodale: How Soda Destroys Your Body (INFOGRAPHIC) Diet or not, soda does some really gross things to your body! This is my dads key problem to his pancreas. STOP Drinking it if it's that bad for you!

Brain Boosters & Brain Busters [Health & Fitness Infographic]

Brain Boosters and Brain Busters

Simple foods you can eat to keep your mind bright and functioning and how you can even avoid illness

Easy guide to the acidic-alkaline pH scale!                                                                                                                                                     More

Top 5 Foods For Thyroid Health

What you need to know about Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity

Obesity is growing in our country, and one of the easiest ways to slow this down is exercise. Statistics about the growth of obesity in our country will provide my audience with the shocking facts that will get their attention.

Many of us cut the sience behind fats and replace it with refined carbohydrates, so we miss out on the benefits of healthy fats. An Infographic brought to you by healthytimesblog.com.

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Distinguish between good and bad fats in your foods by reading food labels and you will also learn how to determine if you reached the AHA recommended fat intake limit using a provided fat calculator.

Your body needs over 40 vitamins and minerals to function properly, but getting those daily vitamins can be a challenge. If you're tired of taking dozens of supplements trying to get your daily dose, try eating your vitamins instead! Dr. Oz has devised a simple cheat sheet that shows you how to get all of your essential nutrients from food.

Tired of taking supplements? Try eating your vitamins! Use this simple cheat sheet to get all of your essential nutrients from food.

Anti-oxidants are a key nutrient when it comes to regulating the immune system and fighting free-radicals. They are vital for cell rejuvenation and over-all good health. Some even claim that anti-oxidants are a fountain of youth because of the anti-aging properties they posses. But it’s not just raw fruits and veggies that can give you …

Guide To Antioxidants. A study reports that women who consumed an antioxidant-rich diet had a lesser number of strokes whether or not they had a cardiovascular disease history. Consuming foods rich in antioxidants can decrease stroke risk by inhibiting.

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Research has shown that adding red pepper (capsaicin) to food acts as an appetite suppressant by reducing the desire to eat. Results reveal that eating red pepper also reduces protein and fat consumption

Brain Foods Infographic

Eating for Brain Health! Healthy Brain Foods for Proper Function, and to Improve Mood and Memory

Food for blood

Food For healthy blood. Also read about 9 Iron Rich Foods To Combat Anemia in source article.

Carbs, Insulin, Weight Gain. How it works.

Carbs are Killing You! Why eating Fat doesn't make you Fat! (great information everyone should know). Cut back on carbs people!

I love coconut oil!

Benefits of Coconut Oil. Not only is coconut oil a good superfood but it has multiple uses! LOVE me some coco oil!