Vader’s Regret. . #starwars#darthvader#starwarsart#jedi#sith#lucasfilm#thelastjedi#starwarsfan#disney#lightsaber

Star Wars

Vader’s Regret. . #starwars#darthvader#starwarsart#jedi#sith#lucasfilm#thelastjedi#starwarsfan#disney#lightsaber

I put 'Vader's Conscience/Ghosts of Jedi, slain by Vader' through a photo app.

Ameen Naksewee | ILM Favorites, Ameen Naksewee on ArtStation at

My Submissions for ILM Art Department Challenge : The Moment. To see process of this work please visit my Artstation.

Vader meditates to the point that he heals himself with The Force. It was revealed in the novels that Palpatine placed elements into Vader's armor that would prevent Vader from being able to heal himself so that Vader would always be his puppet.

Lord Wanjavi -  I'm not one for the prequels, but this art is emotionally hurtful when you know all the Master/padawan relations here.

Star Wars - Count Dooku learns of the death of his former Padawan - Wookieepedia


Funny pictures about Poor Luke Skywalker. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Luke Skywalker. Also, Poor Luke Skywalker photos.

Darth Vader

Inspired by the Twilight of the Apprentice Episode from Star Wars Rebels Season Vader

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