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Paul Cadden -hiperrealismo-

A drawing by Paul Cadden titled This is the work of hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden, who, often just using a pencil, is able to recreate photos in amazing detail.

Cat Drawing - Pencil ... a beautiful portrait.  I can hardly believe this is a pencil drawing!  It totally looks like a black & white picture!

This is a PENCIL Drawing! Incredible Cat Pencil Sketches by Paul Lung. The beautiful pencil art was created by Hong Kong based graphic artist from Paul Lung.

Paul Cadden hyper realistic pencil artist.

Chuck Close, the master of hyper realism and one of my favorites. Fact, he was a skier and used to forge lift tickets because he couldn't afford them.

Neat black and white photo? Nope... that's a PENCIL DRAWING O_O By hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden. Click the link to see more.

No, it's not a photograph! The astonishing pictures drawn by PENCIL

Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung.

Pencil drawing by HongKong Artist Paul Lung~~ Amazing stuff-Hard to believe…

Pencil drawing

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