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Dog - Bitch Please I'm Fabulous Photo: This Photo was uploaded by ellebows. Find other Dog - Bitch Please I'm Fabulous pictures and photos or upload you.

this is the cutest and sweetest hedgie ever!!!!!!!!!

Hedgehogs great and small – in pictures

boule de piques !!!!!!

I went through a phase where I really wanted a hedgehog, then I realized what I really wanted was a baby!

Huff the hedgehog becomes Instagram star thanks to his 'vampire fangs' | Daily Mail Online

These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable

How Long do Hedgehogs Live – It may come as a surprise to learn that hedgehogs are mammals that have been living in Southern Europe and Africa for millions of years

here is the dumbo or rudolf of the village (if you will). his potential has yet to be realized.

big eared hedge hog -- I want every species of hedge hog. Gosh I adore them.

Guinea pig

Adorable Animal Photography by lieveheersbeestje

A guinea pig with a gingham bow - how cute is the is? Animals with bows is always a treat to see!

As far as pets go, it is the African pygmy hedgehog that is the most popular. These hedgehogs have a lifespan of around....

Facts About Hedgehog Pet

The baby hedgehog should also be fed with good milk substitute like “Vitapet” lactose free pet milk which is usually available in the supermarket. You should never give your hoglets cow’s milk.

I will watch over you.

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