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Aunque no te lo creas, TIEMPO es el regalo más valioso.  #ElTiempoEsVida #Inspiraciones

How Vacations Can Make You An Amazing Parent. The “magic pill solution” for creating remarkable relationships with your kids. Vacations that you can actually Afford!

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Red-Hot Passion While touching each other we became so heated that passion erupted and sent us rocketing into the air Then we slowly fell from the sky and became the sunset © Damon E.

What is so Special about Miami Party Life? | My Party Travels

I love miami. Its a very especial place, also i love it because of its enormous shoppin malls, cloths are cheaper than here in argentina.

OMG--party boat for a lake with a cooler and a grill. I want one now!!!-

the bbq donut. a party boat, shaped like a donut, made for grilling. I want a floating donut grill mini boat.

California secession movement starts gathering petition signatures

Backers seeking to break California away from the U. started collecting signatures Friday to get a proposed independence measure on the 2018 statewide ballot.