Tetsuwan Atom - Otherwise known as Astroboy

It has been a while since I drawn something Japanese I realised! So the Astroboy movie is coming out in Japan tomorrow! In celebration of the movie, I have decided to do a fan art of Astroboy.

Zinkase - Pablo Hernández: Childhood heroes

"Some character redesigns that I have made of my favorite childhood heroes :)" Goku Redesign by Zinkase - Pablo Hernández

Black and Grey Octopus Temporary Tattoo

Black and Grey Temporary Tattoo Set

Black and Grey Hardcore Street Ink Street art inspired black and grey temporary tattoos. These tattoos look great on all skin tones and have a classic tattoo look that color tattoos just can not repli (Cool Sketches Skull)

Osamu Tezuka, Drawing Atom

鉄腕アトム作画中の手塚治虫。Osamu Tezuka, drawing "Astro Boy", circa ☆The original Japanese title is 'Tetsuwan Atomu,' meaning "Iron Arm Atom.