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business card - this site has some awesome, creative business cards! and links to more awesome business card ideas!

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In today's print design gallery I've collected 30 inspiring and fresh business card designs for you guys. Beautiful and creative design

Oh, Hello Friend! Creative new style of business card gives you contact info with a little pick-me-up

classy stationary system: interesting idea as I work on my design portfolio. Must remember for self-promo idea.

carry it along, stamp it on whatever is available...that is just plain brilliant. BUT! will I be likely to get ink all over me in the process of carrying it around?

Brilliant Eco-Business Card Can Be Printed on Practically Anything

Business card for Andrea Romani an environmental consultant. Design by Fischer Portugal: This is a great piece of marketing for the client because of the client's intention. Both clever and resourceful, since anything can become a business card.

Great for business cards because royal purple has long been associated with the theater and I think the bold design would be good for an artsy person, such as myself.

30 Cool Creative Business Card Design Ideas 2014

40 Inspiring Business Card Designs. graphic design - business cards - logo and identity branding design

40 Inspiring Business Card Designs

graphic design - business cards - logo and identity branding design. Liked the colour ones and the smiley face one.