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You act like Harry named the children by himself; Luna is Ginny's best friend, of course her daughter is named partially after her.

In a less well-written book he may have just represented the archetype of "useless friend", but J. K. Rowling doesn't do badly-written. Her characters always have many layers to them!

&& he had the idea to go to the chamber of secrets to get the basilisk fangs<--- Ron Weasley isn't the useless friend. No, Ron Weasley is our king!

McGonagall’s exit from Hogwarts - McGonagall is McGonagone :'D these are so hilarious!!!! 22 "Harry Potter" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

22 "Harry Potter" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

McGonagall is McGonagone. That is a definition of a pun that's so bad it is suddenly a thing of beauty. 22 "Harry Potter" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

FAN SUBMITTED HEAD CANONS!! *"Head Canons" are like pieces of fan fiction - meaning they are "only...

And yet again, I tear up over the death of a fictional person. I don't think I'll ever get over the death of Fred Weasley.<<<I don't normally tear up over fictional characters, but I do for Fred. Each and every time.


This is why I love this fandom. That's so sad I really feel sad that she feels that way even though she is a book character

"This would make my middle aged life" exactly. bring back ALL of the remaining original cast. i think Tom Felton should be Remus, or something. Gary Oldman would make a good Dumbledore.

Harry Potter

Funny pictures about Harry Potter deleted scene. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter deleted scene. Also, Harry Potter deleted scene.


Snape wasn't a villain. Second. I absolutely HATE Bellatrix LeStrange but I also hate umbridge a tad

Remus and Tonks. Molly Weasley. Arthur Weasley. Minevra McGonagall. Harry Potter.

SO wish this scene was in the movies. I always loved Remus' and Tonks' relationship, the movies barely showed it. <-- YES Remus and Tonks are the best!