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Vajradhara Buddha

Vajradhara Buddha, the ultimate primordial Buddha, or Adi Buddha, according to the Gelug and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddism

Medicine Buddha

Tibetan Buddhist Deity Medicine Buddha, Buddhist Brass with Inlay Statue

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Image result for buddhism spirituality

Buddha Vairocana, represents the wisdom of emptiness

"People need to learn that their actions do affect other people. So be careful what you say and do, it's not always just about you." ~ Unknown Buddha Vairocana, represents the wisdom of emptiness lis

Lapis Healing Buddha

(Tibetan Buddhist Deity) Lapis Healing Buddha, Brass Brass Statue with Inlay

Meditating Buddha Statue

Buddha on Lotus Statue in Bronze Color, 12 Inches

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Buddha Amitabha. Statue of Buddha Amitabha with gold and silver & engravings done by hand. Buddhist Thangkas, Statues and Mandalas. Marvelous figure from Snow Lion. http://www.thangkas.com/statues/Buddha-Statue.php

"He is not a wise man just because he talks much; only he who is peaceful, free from enmity, and does no harm to others, is to be called 'a wise man'." ~ The Buddha Dhammapada Verse - 258 lis * Buddha Amitabha

Lapis Buddha of Healing (Medicine Buddha)

Tibetan Buddhist Deity- Lapis Buddha of Healing (Medicine Buddha), Buddhist Brass Statue with Inlay

beautiful carved Buddha

The Buddha Dispelling Fear; Stories from Buddhist mythology frequently refer to the Buddha's use of the dispelling fear pose to pacify the enemies who threatened him

"Forget all your concepts. All that you have learned about truth is false."   ~ Huang Po

(By Tsem Rinpoche) Overview of Mount Fanjing Mount Fanjing (or Fan Jing Shan), meters above sea level, is situated in southwestern China’s Guiz.

Medicine Buddha Meditation for Healing

Antique Tibetan Buddhist Gilded Bronze Statue of Sangye Menlha (Medicine Buddha)