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Hand-held Lightning Ridge Black Opal By Wood's Stoneworks and Photo Factory


This fine Ethiopian opal measures in at 88 carats, a lucky number in the Chinese culture. It is very difficult to find clean rough in this size from the Ethiopian deposits, and this stone would be expensive simply for its quality and size in any case.

Purple opal gem

Beautiful mystic black opal - I want to add this to my rock collection some day.


This fine Ethiopian opal measures 88 carats lucky number Chinese

Black Opal is the most sought after and most valuable type. In fact it is so highly prized it has been an object of desire throughout the ages with kings, emperors, maharajas and sultans all being mesmerized by its beauty. If the Opal is referred to as the “Queen of Gems” then the Black Opal is the Queen of Queens.

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Black Opal from Koroit, Australia. Koroit is located approximately 1000 kilometres from the east coast of Australia, right in the heart of Outback Queensland. The opals from here are unlike opal anywhere else in the world.

Sugilite Sugilite is known as one of the love stones of the earth. A natural facilitator of physical and emotional healing it also dispels negativity and anger, creating harmony and opening one to spiritual energy and growth.

Sugilite is one of the most recently discovered gemstones. This is from South Africa from a deposit originally discovered in


The colors are created by microscopic water drops within the stone. Linked to the heart, stomach and digestion, it stimulates the glands and regulates the acids and enzymes in the metabolism. It helps heal a broken heart and restores harmony.

Australian Black Opal

World-Class Gem-Quality Australian Black Opal—"The Stardust Opal". T-Bones Mine, Corcoran, New South Wales, Australia My favorite stone

moonstone designer cab Silverhawk's designer gemstones.

Rainbow Moonstone is as equally appealing to me as its closest relative, Labradorite. An intriguing cabochon of Rainbow Moonstone, from India. Cut from hard-to-find rough, Romans named it so because they thought it was made of moonlight.

"Black Opal - Australia oh my god. Babe this stone. you better be reading these captions on my pins, babe.