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capetown, south africa,

Look at the size of this shark next to the guy in the kayak. Not sure this guy will fond it awesome though lol

Great White Shark stalks ocean canoeist.. literally makes me sick.. this is why I'm scared of sharks!

It's behind you: Great White stalks ocean canoeist

Paddle Faster, Great White Shark, South Africa photo by thomaspeschak

My name's Bruce.    (He doesn't have fur, I know.)

Sharks Are Far Less Scary With Human Teeth. 18 Pics of sharks with teeth. Pictures of sharks with people teeth. Funny photos of sharks with human teeth bite

Beam me up Scotty...NOW!!!!  I love Sharks and this is a pretty cool shot, but I'd even be nervous!

Shit shit shit shit shit.

Near fatal shark attacked avoided by seconds caught on cam and the guy didnt even know till afterwards looks like big top water bait

This would not be my first choice of a day on the job.  Filming a great white.  Disney Nature Film.  OCEANS.

[cycloneslider id=”ocean-portraits”] The ocean is the setting for many of mankind’s original adventures. Massive, mercurial, dangerous, and foreign to our

El Tiburón

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White Tip Reef shark

snorkeling with wild white tip reef sharks in Australia


Teaching people when and where to swim (to avoid sharks), and improving the emergency response to shark bites, can significantly reduce the number of deaths.

Geat White

Do I really think sharks are beautiful? Powerful, graceful and sleek, the Great White is the King and Queen of its domain. Its beauty lies in its strength.

Rodney Fox Great White Shark Expeditions via Facebook.

Rodney Fox Great White Shark Expeditions via Facebook.