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Julio 2012. Cuidado al bajar las escaleras.

Julio 2012. Cuidado al bajar las escaleras.

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Oxidation-Reduction Reaction: reactions involving the transfer of electrons…


Rusty stair /* some of the ones throughout the sewer systems look quite a bit like this */

Well...I do like the laddered skirt...

Spanish designer, Oihana Garaluce "Decades" Collection showcasing the forties, sixties, eighties and

Abandoned hospital bed (Chernobyl, Ukraine)

Hospital bed Chernobyl Ukraine - In 1986 the city was totally abandoned after the near nuclear disaster in 1986 , Due to radiation the city will remain this way for thousands of years and now nature rules her streets

Blue Iguana Skin

Blue iguana skin is so beautiful, if you could find a similar fabric would make a beautiful long flowing evening dress

texture- this shows texture by making the sand in big bulges. it also could be seen as ripples through water flowing into the middle of the artwork. it also gives a bit of movement into the center.

Sand Waves - Rdgelike primary structure resembling a water wave on the upper surface of a sedimentary bed. It's formation by air brings to the surface an integral work of art.