Souvlaki Space Station ///

Really nice work from Brazillian based artist and designer Joao Paulo Alvares Ruas.

Kei Traiing temple fighting scene idea comic/ manga view perspective

nctryzob: 天津影久×吐鉤群(無限の住人

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

Aesop Rock's "None Shall Pass" artwork designed by Jeremy Fish. Released via Definitive Jux

弓 構え - Google 検索

Codename: Archer Eddy Molen is the right hand and lover of Susanoo, hes an expert marksman as well as on of the only people able to calm her down. He resides in Peru

.: Paint the Sea by on @DeviantArt." It's decided then if every thing goes wrong I'll be a pirate". I think the quote that goes with this just makes it.

If everything goes wrong, I'll be a pirate. Painting the sea is always chaotic/relaxing. Sorry for the lack of updates guys,.: Paint the Sea