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Lucy and Mavis similarities yup yup yup. missed the part where they both love Dragneel's.


Fairy Tail - Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Juvia, Happy and Erza - Cupid I love how Erza beats up Natsu and Gray~> Haha! Erza as Cupid!

Wounds and Kisses - part.1 by AUTHOR45 on DeviantArt

I dont ship them but it looked really cool (get out of the picture mira laxus is freeds)

Fairy Tail

The Best Part of Fairy Tail x Rave OVA <-- I haven't seen this ye.<--- Basically it's a crossover between Rave Master and Fairy Tail. Haru and Elie meet Natsu, Lucy, and Happy

Lmao kobra who? honestly there all fucking hot not Wendy she's a kid  she's cute!!!!! I would be weird saying she's hot that's way NO HATE

:D Fairy Tail [Laxus Dreyar / Natsu Dragneel / Gajeel Redfox / Wendy Marvell / Rogue Cheney / Sting Eucliffe / Erik (Cobra)]

FAİRY TAİL love when he makes this face.. either someone kidnapped Lucy r bad mouthed fairy tail lol

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Zeref & Natsu

Zeref & Natsu-You're trying to make me cry aren't you? SO FUCKING CUTE! FROM FAIRY TAIL END stands for Ethenial Natsu Dragneel So basically Natsu is the most power full demon from books of Zeref.

Natsu Dragneel ❤️

Natsu Dragneel ❤️ Lucy kicking butt and takin names. but taking a much needed rest