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Designing a kids’ bedroom and then decorating it aptly is both a time consuming and costly affair. While there are many inspirations around that allow you to create amazing rooms that range from the nursery to the teen bedroom, the idea of redecorating and redoing the room once every 2-4 years is not very appealing to most of us.  And to be very honest, many of us also lack the resources to create those picture-perfect rooms that look so pretty in the catalog! The solution here is to craft a…

25 Easy Ways to Design and Decorate a Kids’ Room

It’s a boy! Idées déco pour une chambre de garçon ! – DecouvrirDesign

It's a boy! Idées déco pour une chambre de garçon

I MADE A BOOK BIN  Book bin for kid's room. #kidsroom #bookshelf #kidsroomdecor


Sleepykins // Avie’s dreamy room. YES! Inspiration for my girl's room

Sleepykins // Avie’s dreamy room. (Babiekins Magazine)

Van tipi tent naar bedhuisje: dit zijn de leukste bedden voor de kidsroom - Roomed

It's still easy to change sheets but looks like a house. Maybe add the roof and leave the side open! I would use this for a dogs room!

Back to nature, teepees, wallpapers and what’s Britain’s wildlife got to do with it? don’t miss out on what 2017 is bringing for nursery & kids room trends!

Tween/Teen Hangout Room: Free Printable & Canvas Portrait Wall ShutterflyDecor: - Home Decoration and Diy

(via bloglovin.com) When we talk about kids’ decor for bedrooms, we used to think about colourful spaces, plenty of prints and drawings. However, we don’t realize that we can also have a …

8 Kids' Rooms In Black And White

Playing during the whole day. This is what most of kids would answer if we asked them what they would like to do. For this reason, we love the  idea of a perfect playroom for them. It ‘s an own space to keep their toys, plenty of fun and with their own rules. In addition, […]

Funny and Colourful Playrom

A dash of vintage, a sprinkle of whimsy and a drop of contemporary all seamlessly intertwined into this gorgeous kid’s room styled by Petite Vintage.

ARRIBAENELDESVANbyCarmenhf ® decoración infantil personalizada

ARRIBAENELDESVANbyCarmenhf ® decoración infantil personalizada

DYI Art for Playroom and/or Child's room: Paint canvas of any shape/size and add figurines or animals...this could be a Craft to do with the lil' critters so they can see their own creations =)

8 ideas para reciclar juguetes viejos

spray paint your toy animals and stick in on a painted canvas. such a simple and cute idea! The kids could help make this art for the playroom.and we could use little happy meal toys (since I usually throw when away anyways!

little hands: Little Hands Wallpaper Mural - Play time

Great design to use with MagScapes magnetic wallpaper and Custom magnets. little hands: Little Hands Wallpaper Mural - Play time