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Conoce A El Barbero Que Causa Furor Por Retratar A Personajes Famosos En Las Cabezas De Los Clientes

Conoce A El Barbero Que Causa Furor Por Retratar A Personajes Famosos En Las Cabezas De Los Clientes

We all know that Red Apple Lipstick is standing at the front of the line leading the way against a chemical that has links to creating and growing breast cancer in younger and younger women. This “Shocking” Graphic was released two days ago in a quiet pinterest release, and it has taken the nation by …

Releases "Shocking" Graphic Involving Breasts

Check your personal products (shampoo, lotions, etc.) for parabens (any word that ends with "parabens") & remember our skin is our largest organ - Red Apple Lipstick Releases Shocking Graphic Involving Breasts

On the Creative Market Blog - 20 Charts That Make Combining Colors So Much Easier

20 Charts That Make Combining Colors So Much Easier

Psychology infographic and charts Design Sensitivity: Understanding the Cultural Palette Infographic Description Design Sensitivity: Understanding the Cult

Bastille Day: On the 14th, France commemorates the anniversary of the Fête de la Fédération with Bastille Day, a feast in honor French independence.

amazing gorgeous fireworks exploding around eiffel tower la tour eiffel tower on bastille day le quatorze juillet beautiful

Inspired by the botanical specimens she finds while walking through parks and gardens on her frequent travels, tattoo artist Pis Saro creates elegant plant portraits on the legs, arms, and spines of her international clients. Designed directly from nature, Saro's works are nearly indistingu

These botanic tattoos are the work of Russian tattoo artist Pis Saro. She specializes in a unique, trompe l'oeil style that appears to fall somewhere between a plant illustration and a temporary tattoo.

DATA architects transformed the old maison du directeur of the Sudac works in Paris into an information centre for the company Semapa. DATA architects demolished the floors and walls inside the maison du directeur to set up a dramatic, flexible exhibition space. Architects: DATA Architects Collaborators: LÉONARD LASSAGNE, COLIN REYNIER, SYLVIA BOURGOIN, CLÉMENTINE DEBAERE, LAURE VEYRE DE SORAS. CONSULTANTS : BETCI, BAURAUM, DUCKS SCÉNO Client: Semapa Location: 11 QUAI PANHARD-LEVASSOR, PARIS…

DATA architectes, Javier Callejas Sevilla · Director’s House

Twitter para Android ya puede activar el modo nocturno automáticamente  Cuando Twitter añadió el modo nocturno hace ya algo más de un año, se les olvidó incluir una función básica que iba a permitir usar este curioso modo mucho más. Y es que hasta ahora, para poder...

Cardiff University is currently working on a project to let law enforcement scan social media to identify outbreaks of hate crime. According to the Financial Times (subscription required), this.