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God Spock is so hot, with a capital H. God I love a man in uniform (who is overly logical, from Vulcan and shows no emotion whatsoever.

When Kirk wants to a do a thing...intergalactic bromance - Star Trek

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"Spock, Bones, Come on, we're doing the thing" - Original Star Trek summed up

Eyebrows speak louder than words. In Spock's case, they definitely do. (Star Trek)

Spock ponders the meaning of life

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demotivational poster DUELING FACEPALMS When you're not the only one who realizes how dumb that truly was

Yes the casting was great; wish the actual movies were better.   The last movie was just AWFUL ....

Funny pictures about Sassy Spock. Oh, and cool pics about Sassy Spock. Also, Sassy Spock.

goodnight and remember this.

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Brilliant Work, Scotty

This is actually a blooper shot (for you uneducated lot), wich makes it that much better.

Easier Than Walking ... unless your atoms get kaboomed by random Mt Doom bits of lava ... :-/

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This is so awesome! especially because this is a Durarara kinda Crossover haha! Looovee that anime so much :D

dang, son.

Bahaha… "dang, son"… this made me laugh far more than it should have.

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TV - Star Trek Original: Spock & Bones: "I need your advice.

Thats awful

The Uhura Facepalm pretty much spells the end for you.

This picture makes me laugh, because they look like two kids getting in trouble.

Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, and Leonard Nimoy were all on Saturday Night Live to promote the new "Star Trek" movie.

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Bones has had enough of your logical bullcrap

I'll be ok, mom.  I'm not wearing a red shirt.

StarTrek: I'll be okay, Mom. I'm not wearing a red shirt.

Bahahahaha!!!  I never thought about this!

acebycircle: “ He just sits his ass down on all those buttons that could or could not be firing lasers into space ”