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by Alfredo Fernández

Inca Terns (Larosterna inca) - Lima, Peru by Alfredo Fernández - Photo 102640453 -

Seven-colored Tanager

Seven-colored Tanager - Pixdaus. The Seven-colored Tanager (Tangara fastuosa), endemic to forests in northeastern Brazil

The Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae), also known as the Lady Gouldian finch, Gould's finch or the rainbow finch, is a colourful passerine bird endemic to Australia.

Diamant de Gould ( Erythrura gouldiae ) Jehovah's creation keeps amazing me. and will forever!

(Todus angustirostris) - by Miguel A. Landestoy T.

burning-soul: “NB Tody ” Narrow-billed Tody, Todus angustirostris (Coraciiformes - Todidae), only found in Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Widowbird pic.twitter.com/Ju4JoMtdY4

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The Jackson's Widowbird (Euplectes jacksoni) is a species of bird in the Ploceidae family. It is found in Kenya and Tanzania. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland and arable land. It is threatened by habitat loss.

Black-naped Monarch (Hypothymis Azurea) by Grandpa@50

The Black-naped Monarch or Black-naped Blue Flycatcher (Hypothymis azurea) is a slim and agile bird found in Taiwan. It belongs to the family of monarch flycatchers.

New Wonderful Photos: White Faced Whistling Ducks   ...........click here to find out more     http://googydog.com

White-faced whistling ducks - mutual preening by capreoluskate, Wildlife Photography


Tragopan Bird - Blyth’s Tragopan, Tragopan blythii, also known as the Grey-bellied Tragopan. Tragopans comprise a genus within the avian order, Phasianidae — the pheasants.

What a beautiful bird!

Pompadour Cotinga (Xipholena punicea) found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia…


Black-and-yellow Broadbill, Eurylaimus ochromalus, bold colors coupled w/a disproportionately large head: BN/ ID/ MY/ MM/ SG/ TH. Photo by Phil Liew

Tauraco erythrol

The Red-crested Turaco, Tauraco erythrolophus, is a turaco, a group of African near-passerines. It is a fruit-eating bird endemic to western Angola. Its call sounds somewhat like a jungle monkey. Photo by Earl Reinink

Gorgeous #blue & #yellow bird - I wish he was sitting on my back porch feeder!

Feathers and Fancy - colorful bird photography - wings dove - nature - decorativ. - Cool Science And Nature Photography

Pink Snow Pelican

pink snow pelican what a beautiful bird. I draw pelican at the beach but I've never seen this before I didn't realize God made then in pink. I wonder if he thought of any other wild color to do them animals